Update On Mikel, Preparing To Address Soh Community

Greetings how is everyone this evening, I am doing great because our wonderful Lord is by myside as I write this post… Mikel, just got done contacting me and Mikel, said that he was going through heavy spiritual warfare but he wasn’t going to allow it to deter or stop him. ☺🔥💯

S.o.H Community Join Me In Prayer By Adding Your Own In the Comment Section. ☺🙏🏼🦋❤

Oh, Holy Father I just got done talking to brother Mikel, and he said that the spiritual warfare was heavy and that he was going to fall to his knees before your Throne to seek your guidance oh, Father God, I’m here in agreement Lord, Use Mikel, in your Holy way use the whole S.o.H Team and the S.o.H community in a mighty way… Oh, Lord, let your sovereign mighty hand rain down upon this movement ministry and community in such a way that no one can deny that your sovereign hand is upon the S.o.H movement ministry and S.o.H community.

S.o.H community it is our duty for each of us, to lift our brother and sisters in need. Brother Mikel, has tried his best to serve the Lord and this community lets raise Him, in prayer right now… Lets be public about it and show no shame before the Lord, lets show this world what kind of Souljaz we really are for the Lord, let’s let brother Mikel, see that his servant work before the Lord, was not down in vain these last 11 months.

Matthew 18:20 English Standard Version
20 For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

Come on brothers and sisters of this community lets show the pits of hades and the enemies that arise that we agree with God, and back this Movement Ministry by publicly lifting brother Mikel, for Mikel, lifts you all daily before the Throne of Heaven lets not let a brother and soulja in need down…

Mikel, asked me to include the following video in this post below. The dude is currently in tears when I was talking to him, he is receiving so much hate for standing up for each of you daily… You guy’s don’t see the hateful messages brother Mikel, receives for not giving up on this movement ministry and more importantly you guy’s it is you guy’s why he won’t fold Brother Mikel. say’s teaching your guy’s souls is very important to him. Come on Community how many individuals in this world can we really say you find loyalty within their character now days… Let’s show our Loyalty to God, and publicly lift brother Mikel, a soul as well that God has chosen to shepherd for that position is hard very hard at times…

Brother H,
S.o.H Team Member
On 🔥 4 YHWH,


  1. God, I don’t know you well but this Mikel, does know you, Lord, this dude answered my question and show me kindness, God, please let Mikel, see the Soulja of Hope community lift Mikel up in a time of need for Mikel did such for me when he and his team didn’t need to.

    Thank you again for your kindness my hopes are by coming here to this post that the Soulja of Community will see a non-Christian took the time to pay it forward for it is the right thing to do right now like you requested Team member H,

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    1. Thank you Ph4t0m 1llu5i0n, for taking the time to pay it forward! God, Mikel, and the S.o.H team & community appreciate the time you took to write your reply. ☺

      Team Member
      Brother H,

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