You Don’t Realize Whom You Are Messing With, Say’s The Lord!

Author Mikel. Waving

Greetings everyone! & Welcome to the new readers and S.o.H subscribers as well welcome back to the established readers… Your Souls really matter to me for they matter to the Holy Father in Heaven.

Team Member H, posted the following post Update On Mikel, Preparing To Address Soh Community within this post Mr. H, stated I was going before the Lord, for guidance and I surely did and I learned a lot… Before I went before the Lord, in prayer and to listen to the Word of God I also posted the following post. I’m Just Going To Bow At The Feet Of My Savior Jesus Christ.

When I spoke with team member Mr. H, I was crying hard because I stated I was noticing a pattern an culture where individuals only want to know about the good lovely & dovely kind of God and ignore the fact that God is Sovereign meaning Supreme Authority, Power, & Knowledge… I studied the book of Ezekiel and from about Chapter 10 onward God displays being ruthless with nothing or anyone opposing Him… So when I come across Christians that have a high focal point on the Good aspects in the bible God is of Love & Peace scriptures and ignore the rest of scripture that speaks about God acting upon Righteous anger. Those scripture become ignored by many individuals in this world… But yet many individuals still claim they know the Fathers heart because they focus upon the Love, Peace, & Blessing aspect of God.

God showed me yesterday that this is an unhealthy view of the Holy Father’s heart, that when individuals ignore the scripture that makes them feel uncomfortable that they actually oppose knowing the Holy Father’s heart… This actually provokes God towards anger… As I got ready to write this post I asked God to bring scripture to my attention that He wanted posted within this post and shortly after I prayed to God for scripture the following Scripture was emailed to me this morning about 5 mins after I asked God to bring attention to scripture God wanted shared within this post.

Nahum 1:3 English Standard Version
3 The Lord is slow to anger and great in power, and the Lord will by no means clear the guilty. His way is in whirlwind and storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.

Many want to oppose the genuineness of my stance before the Lord and I will be addressing that when I address the S.o.H community… Since January 2020 I have stated this Movement Ministry is Holy Spirit directed and God (YHWH) driven and yes, I did have a big public fall back in July 2020 because I was running this ministry with my own strength I had to lose everything even the ability to post here for a while… But when I lost everything I was able to see that when I surrendered God brought forth upgrades to my faith walk which will bleed back into running this movement… There was life turns I kept crashing on but when the Holy Spirit jumped into the driver seat of my life the Holy Spirit started to perfectly drift around those hard corners to navigate in life that I kept crashing upon..

There are ministries, churches, movements; out there that want to only preach the make you feel good aspect of God, but don’t display a backbone to come before the souls they interact with and teach the harsh aspects about the bible as well instead they only preach the unbalanced truth to the mass… The individuals behind the mic or pen get this notion I’m an Christian I’m unstoppable, untouchable, Because God is of love and mercy… God protects His children and these elements are truth but the other side of that truth is God is also a sovereign, God, meaning He will spank His children to correct and He will oppose whom call themselves His children when they fall out of balance getting to know the fathers heart and don’t heed to correct such issue.

God is Just, God Is Righteous, God is Sovereign, Because of this who are we say God won’t turn His hand against anyone claiming Christian while not fully partaking in knowing the Holy Father’s Heart… Because as an individual the person wants to skim or skip completely over the scripture that makes them feel uncomfortable.

As for me personally I am going to keep seeking the Lord’s heart from all angles God will teach me and I will just let individuals that want to claim I am not a Christian or claim I’m not in alignment with the Fathers will believe what they want to believe. I will not waste my time trying to convince anyone different. I will let the Lord, vindicate and I will continue to do what the Father in Heaven requests of me… I will speak more about this when I address the S.o.H community…

Blessings from Heaven to all… Stay frosty because not everyone claiming they live for the Father are truly living by the fathers standards especially when a person goes out of their way to delete an individuals series of comments because they want to hide how they handled answering the person… I recently posted how Ph4t0m 1llu5i0n, was seeking questions about the Lord, and how they became shunned by a person in the WordPress community when Ph4t0m 1llu5i0n, started to oppose the views of the author. Link to article → Addressing A Question My Team Found On WordPress I guarantee this is just one matter before God’s Throne that provoked anger out of God. There is a storm coming if individuals believe this or not I implore all to go before the Lord fix anything before the Throne that the Holy Spirit has been calling forth because God is not playing favorites with the coming storm.

Nahum 1:3 English Standard Version

3 The Lord is slow to anger and great in power, and the Lord will by no means clear the guilty. His way is in whirlwind and storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.