Addressing The SoH Community Being Placed On Hold

Mikel Waving Hi ☺

Hello everyone! & Welcome to the recent followers of S.o.H

The team and I spoke about creating a post where I addressed the S.o.H community and talk about the last 11 months and where S.o.H is heading going forward… Well, this evening the Holy Spirit asked me to place the post on hold until 2021 after the name Soulja of Hope, has been established for 1 yr… I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause anyone that has been on the look out for the post..

As a team we were ready to move forward with me writing the post but we as a team also believe heeding to the Holy Spirit’s request as well.

As for the haters I want to surely thank you and I do forgive you! But I want to thank you for all that you have done these last 6 months… Some souls where lead here out of being carious why you hatin on this movement ministry so much… This year our budget was tight for advertisement of the S.o.H movement ministry but you guys gave the gift of advertisement and I and the S.o.H team want to thank all the haters that have help drive souls here… You guy’s rock as an advertisement team! Also you guy’s challenged me in ways I didn’t think possible at times and yet I’m stronger from it for it was like boot camp I have learned how to forgive on demand… I was reminded how important the armor of God is… Most people dislike their enemies but truly I do love with Christ-like love because it is the right move but I also truly appreciate you because the elements you meant for harm at times God was able to use for His good and Glory…