Word Of Faith Movement: Preach False Doctrine

Don’t be deceived, instead utilize discernment!

Once Confined to Darkness "NOW" Walking In Faith!

The Word of Faith Movement (name it and claim it) Prosperity Churches have blinded so many. If you are watching and embracing the individuals listed below, you might want to re-evaluate and use Discernment. They are preaching a false doctrine.

Joel Osteen
Creflo Dollar
Benny Hinn
Joyce Meyer
Kenneth Copeland
Steven Furtick
Todd White
Rob Parsley
John Hagee
Joseph Prince
Jesse Duplantis
Rick Warren
Michael Todd
Paula White
And many more new age teachers. Not to mention Bethel and Hillsong churches. I had to show my wife Sarah Bell some things about what they preach due to her watching some of them. I wanted to make her aware of the false doctrine being preached.

Please open your eyes and see that we were never promised great health, being rich and that if you tithe all your money, your bills will magically be paid off. These individuals above are filthy rich…

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