An Archived Post From Soulja 4 Christ

Greetings everyone! Today I come across an archived post I wrote back in 2014 when this website was called Soulja 4 Christ… I hope you enjoy reading a post from the past 6 yrs ago to be exact.

Author note I left the post word for word unedited.

(The Bird Must Learn To Fly) Being a new Christian is overwhelming and frustrating at times. One of the most hardest moments I faced as a baby Christian was learning to leave the comfort of the Lord’s nest to be able to fly with my own spiritual wings. As Christians we must learn to let go of everything we think we know and just stand at the edge of the nest and learn to let go and trust God has our backs. Many times as a bird tries to learn to fly the bird lands on the ground. The trick is not allowing that to defeat you, but instead help you become determine to get up and try again.

A successful Christian life is being able to learn from our mistakes (failures) failures don’t just have to become the end point, No! failures can actually be the beginning point of discovering a new approach to the problem at hand, hence the getting back up on your feet part and learning to fly all over again. I challenge you as a Christian to look at failures as a opportunity instead of defeat, I say this because defeat is not an option in God’s plans for you.

Dear Lord Thank you for your teachings and strength you provide daily. Lord please help your children discover their wings so they can soar and spread your Glory unto others Amen.

Message From Mikel,

Learning to fly with your faith wings at first will seem very hard but God is caring and He will not forsake you during your learning process so don’t give up. Keep pushing forward! Learning how to stand up and soar with your faith wings will come across very hard but I assure you once you learn you will look back at some point and think to yourself man that seemed hard but it is not as hard as I have faced since then… God had your back then God will surely have your back now even though the battles are stronger and hard to push forward through at times. Never lean on your own understanding or strength always look to Heaven, never take your eye’s off Jesus Christ.