I’m Sorry

The Holy Spirit asked me to write the following before I can move forward with S.o.H… So, here we go!

I’m Sorry

I’m sorry if I have hurt or offended anyone while acting upon my flesh… It wasn’t Godly so it wasn’t right either and I have gone before the Throne of God, asking for forgiveness and for guidance…

I am Not Sorry

I am Not Sorry if anyone has become offended by me living in the spirit before the Throne of God, and became offended by God’s word. God’s word offends and that is between any individual and God to address.

Moving Forward!

I am going to continue to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit and move in the direction God wants me Mikel, to led this movement. I Mikel, is going to strive harder to live more in the spirit and fall to the flesh side less and less… I am Thankful for God’s mercy and for Jesus Christ dying on the cross so all of mankind including myself can have the opportunity to admit to wrong doing and get back up brush off the knees and move forward. ☺