What I Wrote On Facebook 6 Yrs Ago Pt 2

Greetings everyone! I wrote this status update back in 2014 I was speaking of the things that started to happen when I asked God into my life back in 2011 This is part 2 of 2 part journal entry (Read Pt1)

Day 2: (Relationship With God) Before I became a Christian in 2011 I saw God as a rule maker, this turned me off to the aspect of asking God to dwell within my heart because I wanted the freedom to do what I wanted to do. Plus I was worried what others would think of me, like for instance oh Mikel, is crazy for following a dictator that has all these rules in the Bible that no one even can begin to live up too because the standards are to perfect. It wasn’t until almost a year later (2012) after asking God into my heart that I begin to see I had more freedom than I did before I choose to live for Jehovah. I mean yes there is rule sets but life is full of rules. The freedom I am speaking of came from having a relationship with Christ because I began to see who I really was through my relationship with Christ, it took Jehovah to start stripping all the masks I was wearing to please others as well hide from God, to be able to see the true me.

The other aspect was I didn’t want to let go of my sinful habits. This was actually the biggest factor that kept me from living for Jehovah. Folks sinful habits seem harmless, but it actually isn’t at all because it eats away at you within piece by piece. Can you honestly say you feel free without Jehovah in your life or do you feel stuck and alone? I mean alone in the aspect that you feel trapped and there is no one to help you feel un-trapped. If you want to begin to discover the freedom I have discovered then I recommend this simple little prayer!!! Dear Lord I am a sinner, I come before today to admit that yes I believe your son Jesus died for my sins and I ask of you to cleanse me, please forgive me for my sins and help me become a servant for you as I discover the freedom of being your servant Amen.

I’ve come to a point in my life that I don’t care what mankind thinks of me, I only care what God thinks of me… In God’s eye’s I’m a loved son.

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