Lord I’m Sorry For The Midway Quitting Attitude

I just wanted to let the S.o.H Community know that I am sorry for the past 3 weeks that I haven’t been giving it my all before the Lord, I have been spending a lot of time in the Word of God and prayer time with the Lord a lot of prayer time everyday and the one thing the Lord keeps pointing out to me is I am not bold enough yet, because if I was I would have NOT given in so easy to this midway in with the giving up attitude after spending ten months before the Lord to get where I was to just let doubt get in my mind and run havoc…

Oh, no, I am coming back to tackle this matter head on and I know deep down in my soul God is backing the boldness and the S.o.H movement and Yes, I fall from time to time but what the true matter is, and that is, I was taking blame because some individuals in this world cannot handle boldness and a few individuals had me believing that I was in the wrong before the Throne of God by telling me God would not allow me to continue to be bold and be child of His. Because the boldness couldn’t be coming from God. .

Like I said God has corrected this and the boldness is only going to get bolder I have learned a lot in the last 3 weeks between many hours of time spent reading the bible and praying… I took the boldness matter to the Lord, and I didn’t give up seeking the answers I was after based off the confusion I allowed my mind to suffer through and God, made it quite clear that I needed not to be concern if other humans think I’m not Christian enough in their eye’s and mind I just needed to keep my eye’s and mind on our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, and Let the Holy Spirit guide me with the level of boldness that needs to be in each blog post or situation as long as I continue to listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit then the boldness will meet its fine tuning process.

I am no longer going to apology for Who God made me to be, and the boldness is apart of my God given identity and I will not ever again stop being Who God is molding me to be to please other humans… I’m truly sorry God that I fell to the aspect of listening to other humans over you Lord, it will not happen again Abba, (Father) I place all my faith in you Abba, going forth and continuing forward. Amen!.

By S.o.H

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