Journal Entry: Keep Pushing Forward Even If They Don’t Like It

My hopes are this journal entry will help other Christians going through the same or similar like I have recently, be able to heal and move forward living for Jesus Christ.

S.o.H Author Mikel, Smiling

Greetings S.o.H community! Today is another glorious day given to us by our Lord and Savior. ☺

Have you been dealing with other Christians hating, judging or flat-out telling you that you cannot be a Christian talking or looking a certain way?

Well, I certainty have and today we are going to talk about the touchy subject… Yep! I’m boldly going there! Right after this short music video.

Alright lets do this and talk about it. First off always have God as front and center never take your eye off the prize which is Jesus Christ and be humble to allow the Holy Spirit to be your guidance… My dad use to say to me “Son, you cannot please every human many are going to have issues with you being you” Well, thanks dad for letting me know this because surely I have had my share of people getting bent out of shape because I choose to be me and how God created me to be for His Glory and Kingdom.

Are you feeling where I’m coming from Yet? Because if I have gone through this element of disproval of other Christians bringing their religious views how my life should be seen before others and carried out before the Throne of YHWH, then I am sure many other Christians have also gone through this element as well causing you to doubt your stance before the Throne of YHWH. I’m here to boldly tell you measure your life stance in the word of God, only and correct what the Holy Spirit brings forth to be corrected and adjust what the Holy Spirit says needs adjusting but do not I repeat do not give into other humans coming at you telling you have to talk or dress a certain way to be accepted as a Christian before their minds and eye’s…

Christianity is not about being accepted into Christian groups (cliques) it is about being a beacon of Hope in this world that is spiritually infected by sin, a world pandemic no one talks about. Sin, is spiritually killing off individuals daily… I will boldly just say it we are walking among the walking dead daily and many know it not how the virus called sin is infecting individuals at a rapid rate and has a higher death count than covid for many have made it to their judgement before YHWH and now are experiencing eternal doom in hades for a lifetime sentence that will never end..

These last three weeks I got caught up in doubt when I didn’t align with some other Christians views and got the boot, the good oh, shaft from the circle of friendship and then behind the scenes taunted me to try and bring me under submitting to their twisted godly views and even went as far to use scripture to try scaring me into submitting to their twisted religious views… Umm, yeah no thank you. These past 3 weeks I dug myself into the word of God (Bible) and I prayed a lot as well and listen to worship music a lot as well… The one thing that kept sticking out at me like a sore thumb was I was trying to be liked by others over being liked by God, which already comes with the gift package Jesus Christ, offered up on the cross… God goes beyond just liking God loves each individual because that is Whom God is, Which is Love!

God was frank with me, as well God showed me I wasn’t bold enough yet for the Kingdom of God and I needed to stop fearing how others felt or thought of the boldness coming out of me instead I needed to be concern how God viewed my life stance before the Throne of YHWH, not how other individuals calling themselves Christians viewed my stance before God’s Throne, because quite frankly a few of those individuals wanted me to calm the boldness down because I was being told it was un-godly to be unbalanced between bold and meekness, I thought to myself many times over wait these individuals don’t see how I conduct myself beyond this blog I do go into each situation on the streets with the guidance of the Holy Spirit I always try to be caring of others… But to these certain individuals the boldness was consider a turn off with attracting souls to Jesus Christ, Months ago I started to think to myself I’m sorry God I’m unbalanced but I really wasn’t God showed me I was being duped to believe I was to fit the religious views of this certain Christian groupy clique that I truly hope see’s the way they live before the Throne of YHWH is offensive to YHWH. I forgive these individuals and I harbor no hard feelings or ill thoughts or intentions towards them.

I’m writing this Journal entry for two reasons because

  1. God instructed me to, too publicly free myself from being intimidated anymore from their tactics behind the scenes.
  2. I’m writing this because I’m sure other Christians have gone through this as well and I want to encourage you, that you can live for God, as long as it pleases God and the only way to know for sure is read the bible, pray, and keep your mind and eye’s centered upon Jesus Christ, on a daily basis and it will become clear to you how to live for YHWH, and what is pleasing to His heart… Let the religious people just be a background noise that ends up becoming quieter as you keep moving forward… If the noise is loud for a while it will quiet down for their attention will go unto someone else when they notice they are no longer affective towards you.

My Final Message

To the individuals that have given me the friendship boot I’m truly sorry if I said or if my actions weren’t Goldly at the time frame… I’m truly sorry and ask for forgiveness… I also forgive! But I want you to know moving forward I will not cave or bow to the behind the scene tactics… If you feel you got something to expose me on, then stop threating to do so, and actually do so! But can you, expose me in a way that is 100% legit before the throne of God without out exposing your dirty tactics you few individuals have fought hard to keep from others seeing in the WordPress Christian community?

If not move on I’m done with the threats and intimidations God has already spoken to me on this matter and He is angered by this mess and is willing to provide mercy only if the few individuals are willing to lay down their religious pride and repent… If not don’t be surprised if God (YHWH) exposes the behind scene mess and the trust through authorship here at WordPress is lost because of it.

To anyone one else that has been unfairly treated by individuals claiming Christian but are wrapped up in their own religious ways & views I truly feel the pain and fear you may or may not of experienced. God see’s all from His throne, never give up being who God created you to be… Seek God’s heart on your identity through the Bible, and prayer life daily… Whatever you do, Don’t give up or give in… Keep your eye upon the prize which is Jesus Christ!

Alright I’m out and free from this religious spiritual trap before the Throne of YHWH. ☺

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