Few Changes Moving Forward

Greetings everyone! ☺

First off as the team in whole we would like to congratulate Mikel, for achieving 500 S.o.H platform community strong! followership, Mikel, contacted the team when He realized that the 500th person followed the S.o.H platform… Mikel, has been working hard to achieve this goal since January 2020… Mikel, shared with us, that He told God, back in January that before 2020 was over the S.o.H Platform would be 500 strong! Mikel, didn’t give up believing God would make it happen. Thank you Jesus, for making Mikel’s goal and dream happen. ☺

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Onto The Topic Of Changes Moving Forward

As a Team we are aware of many elements of what has happen on the platform and behind the scenes. Mikel, approached us 3, early onward during January 2020 and asked if we would be interested coming onboard as volunteers and to remain behind the scene’s until Mikel, received word from God, if God was going to form a team. Well, God saw us working behind the scene’s as a team. looking through the internet for content to inspire Mikel, to write. As of recently with the following post Mikel, announced there is an official team with this post → Yes It is Officially True SoH Truly Has A Team Now!

We understand as a team Mikel, is the lead author here it has been that way since before January 2020 almost 6 years to be exact but it was January 2020 where the name change took place and Mikel, became serious about going forth into full time ministry work for the Lord… As a team in whole during our recent team meeting we discussed the elements Mikel, has gone through these last 11 month’s with Mikel’s public fall back in July when the Holy Spirit told Mikel, to walk away from writing for a while and focus upon getting right before the Throne of God.

As team members were also aware of the the character smear campaigns, and the recent following out with a few religious folks… Mikel, has held nothing back before the Throne of God and the team for we have the credentials to anything ministry related and Mikel, even allowed us as a team to log into his and Ana’s personal social accounts on various platforms. We already had Mikel’s Facebook credentials for the S.o.H Facebook Page is ran from those credentials so we are very aware behind the scene’s whom Mikel, is speaking to in private messages and as of recently Mikel, was accused of partaking in lustful acts this is not true… For the team see’s in real time any private messages that go on with His personal profile for as a team we manage the S.o.H page from the same credentials.. Mikel has been cooperative with even granting access to his phone and computer… There is nothing but individuals just straight up lying on Mikel.

Mikel, is truly on fire for God, (YHWH) and Mikel, has been straight forward before the Throne of God (YHWH) and us, as the S.o.H team… So moving forward we as a team will be reviewing any posts Mikel, writes before they can be published been doing so for a few months now we are just making it known to you as the community… Now that the community is growing at a faster rate. We as a team have prayed about this for months now and feel it is best that Mikel, backs away from answering emails or messenger messages related to the S.o.H platform and places his focus on writing for the Lord, and the street movement ministry us, 3, join Mikel with a few times a month…

As a team we feel it is best to place a buffer zone between the community and Mikel, for not all but some bad characters really want Mikel, to shut up and close up shop. Mikel, has even been in situations where his life was almost taken and we thank God for protecting Mikel and even Ana, for Ana, was present for 2 of those events and one team member witness Mikel, almost get taken out on a street ministry meet up a few months back. Some people just don’t like what is being accomplished through Mikel, some individuals even have gone forth lying to try and ruin his character while on the other spectrum the streets because Mikel, hits the ruff area’s for God his life has been placed at risk..

satan cannot have his way Mikel, has made it very clear as the lead author Mikel, feels it is best to come bold and fearless to display to others it is possible to go from shy & timid to bold & fearless with the backing of Jehovah-jireh, from the Throne of Heaven.. As the team we are going to also help Mikel achieve this goal as Mikel, continues reppin for Jesus Christ.

As Mikel, held a virtue team meeting today we spoke as a team this morning about becoming even more serious about putting on our game face as a team in whole and end out 2020 and move forward with the goal set to bring this platform to higher limits during 2021and the rest of 2020 reppin Jesus Christ, Sure this platform is going to have haters but we want to thank you as a team from this platform! So, thank you for the free advertisement! 💯I wonder so far out of the 500 stronger community how many have looked up S.o.H because individuals heard something bad about Mikel, or S.o.H and wanted to see for themselves and in-return decided to click the follow button… Now lets reach 1,000! ☺I wonder if the haters are going to continue free advertisement now that I mentioned or if they are just going to close up shop with their lips… Time will tell! 💯🔥

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