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This Post was written by the lead author Mikel,

This post was meant for another day but then the wording took another direction when the Holy Spirit asked me to use this draft post as the reason I am thankful for Jesus Christ, (Yeshua) this Thanksgiving 2020

Greetings everyone! ☺

Whom ever thought? that a shy and timid person would be coming at you with the living for Jesus Christ like a Soulja? Yeah, not me either! This Soulja stance is purely because of God healing and ridding the shyness element within me. 💯☺

I told Jesus when I cried out from hades (hell) that if Jesus would save my soul I would live for Jesus and represent Him, to the core… Jesus knew I was saying anything at the time to save my soul from hades… I say this because that was age 16, year of 94, and I didn’t turn my life over to Jesus until 2011 when I turned 33, So, yeah, I went many years rejecting the gift of life and mercy that Jesus allowed me to have. I took that second chance and basically spit in the face of Jesus I say this because I became a satanist after my life was restored here on earth and yet Jesus Christ, still showed Love and Mercy!

Yeah, I agree shame on me big time! Jesus Christ, comes to my aid upon my request and becomes my soul lawyer because the Holy Father YHWH, says His, judgement is pure & righteous and YHWH said the following: Nope not turning against my judgement of Mikel, because Mikel, is crying out as Mikel, goes through the process of entering hades.

Jesus Christ, heard my cry for help and used two defense arguments for my soul and that was Mercy, and Love,

Jesus asked the following

  1. Abba, (father) Does not scripture say seek ye the father through me the Holy Perfect Son, and they shall reach the Father?
  2. Father, Had I not? die on the cross to pay for all of mankind’s sins?

YHWH, Answered Jesus Christ,

  1. Yeshua. Yes! you are correct!
  2. Yeshua. Yes! again you are correct!

John 14:6 English Standard Version
6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

For God So Loved the World
16 “For God so loved the world,[a] that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

Then Yeshua, (Jesus Christ) said the following to Abba, (Holy Father)

Abba, upon the request of the power of deciding life or death bestowed upon me as your only Perfect Son, I call upon the heavens Righteous Throne this very instant to reverse Mikel’s judgement upon Mikel’s soul, and request of you Holy Abba, to reach down and grab Mikel’s soul from the entrance of hades for I “Yeshua” Oh, Holy Abba, have taken on the blame of Mikel’s sins so you Abba, You can see Me your only Perfect Son, right now instead of Mikel, that needs rescuing. For Abba, I Yeshua absorb Mikel’s sins right now so your Holy hand can grab Mikel. without interacting with the filthiness’ of sin as I your only Perfect son Yeshua, battles the darkness of sin.

Mikel Speaking here now. This is my encounter in the spiritual real of Jesus (Yeshua) saving my soul. I remember as I was passing through the spiritual realm back into my earth body that I saw Jesus Christ, (Yeshua) go from being a bright white light to darkness and the darkness trying to snuff out the light and Jesus was battling for my soul and Jesus Christ, was reliving the cross pain all over again and as I was passing through the spiritual realm I cried out and said sorry Jesus for I have caused you this pain and Jesus replied to me the following

Mikel, I AM, mankind’s Savior and Only Savior that I Jesus Christ, known to mankind as Emmanuel (God is among us) I would endure this pain for eternity to save even one soul for YHWH,

To whom ever is reading this post I encourage you to find something today to be thankful for, for this year alone has been hard on our souls and I would like to extend encouragement to each of you today, that 2020 doesn’t have to end on a bad vibe as 2021 embarks upon us, it is all about perspective and I have been to hell the hell on earth right now is NOT even a drop in the buck compared to actual hell… As humans we can unite under the Righteous Throne of YHWH, and begin the healing process because Jesus Truly Loves You! ❤☺💯


Oh, Savior! Yeshua, (Jesus Christ,) I come before you today with a humble heart and stance before you as my only King of my soul. Oh, Lord, My Savior of my soul you knew that day as I cried out from hades I would become a satanist after you brought my soul back to my earth body a mere clay shell and yet, knowing this knowledge you still became my soul lawyer and fought the evil darkness, so the Holy Father, YHWH, could crab my soul… Oh Father God I request the Holy Spirit attaches to this post and embraces the readers here and shows their souls just how much Jesus Christ, loves mankind beyond what our carnal minds can comprehend. Amen!

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By Mikel,

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