Ha Ha Go Figure The Holy Spirit Picked Iron Man And Here Is Why…

This post is written by Mikel (Lead Author/Founder)
On F🔥R3 4 YHWH! ☺💯🙏🏼❤

Greetings my hopes are you had a blessed Thanksgiving!

Wow! almost 1 yr has gone by since Soulja 4 Christ, had a name change to Soulja of Hope (S.o.H) as the lead author and founder of this movement brand/ministry these 11 months I have gone through a lot and yet I almost gave up quite a few times but God, was always right there saying, Go on Mikel, dig deeper you got this with the strength being provided from Heaven.

If you haven’t already seen the post one of the loyal S.o.H team members wrote a post about reverting a recent change but also mention that S.o.H was starting the process of becoming turbo charged for the Kingdom of Heaven… So I asked the Holy Spirit to provide me a music video that would best display I as the author and the platform how we both in unison went through Spiritual changes and Armor of God upgrades as I learned more about the fathers heart through the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit said I pick Iron man and the song stronger, faster, by daft punk so I went searching on YouTube and watched many videos until the Holy Spirit said this one Mikel.

Holy Spirit: Mikel, & the S.o.H community I picked the below video because the video montage represents when Mikel, first come on the scene. Mikel, didn’t understand how to implement the Armor of God, into his life daily so, he had the good old fashion attitude I will wrap my hands and be ready for battle… Oh, the Mikel, of the past the Mikel, of now truly a Saul, turns Paul, moment.

The Armor upgrades which represent the (Armor of God) as Mikel, learned to become one with the “Armor of God,” daily, Mikel, learned how to become stronger and continue to fight the good fight reppin Yeshua, (Jesus Christ) because blogging is just a small portion of what Mikel, does for the Kingdom of Heaven. Mikel, hits the streets goes into area’s that are gang ridden and promotes Jesus Christ, Mikel, also has Ana, (Ana) is Mikel’s soulmate! in the video you see the Iron man character transform the Iron, man suit over to the female to protect her from the harsh elements and in the video the iron man character takes the blunt force to the body… Ooh, Mikel, loves his soulmate and Mikel, would lay his life down for Ana, But Mikel, is also the type to lay his life down on the streets as well if Mikel, felt it would give another soul a chance to turn to Jesus…

Oh, just 9 months ago Mikel was shy and timid and these last 2 months of the 11 months that shy and timid element is gone and Mikel, is like bring it on my God is bigger and more powerful towards the pits of hades (hell)… From the Holy Spirit perspective I have watched Mikel, grow spiritually and as Mikel, grew in his relationship with Jesus Christ, Mikel, has taken on harder battles and at times Mikel, was getting it handed to him, but Mikel, stood back up and went to God and said Lord, I need your strength I need to learn how to become in union with the Armor of God Lord, Teach me, I know I have more to give for the Kingdom to show others how to go from a wimpy lifestyle to a God fearing Soulja!

Final Words

Thank you Holy Spirit for your input about the video It surely has been a hard battle at times but YHWH, will never forsake and I will be there as a Soulja for the Kingdom of God, I will lay my life down to keep that promise if that is what it takes… ❤🙏🏼💯

Some of you may have noticed I mentioned the word brand/ministry from the conception of this Heaven backed movement I have been talking to the Lord, to come up with a way where merch could be sold that promotes reppin Jesus Christ, where Individuals could buy merch that helps them rep Jesus Christ, and S.o.H could make money that would help as a God fearing movement do bigger things for the Kingdom of Heaven… covid has brought challenges to this aspect because attaining a business license has become harder with the whole covid situation.

I and the team have been seeking the Throne of Heaven on this situation and at this point we are going to move forward building a brand that is recognized and if God willing the merch will come at a later time. ☺ As of right now Ana, & I, fund the movement ministry because God asked for it to be that way but in the near future our hopes are to be able to create awesome merch that promotes Jesus Christ, but also is worth in the community’s eye to buy. In all due time I will approach and talk more about this aspect… The concept of merch come from me reading that Paul was a tent maker..


By Mikel,

Soulja of Hope is a platform that was started by the lead author and founder Mikel, and is now managed by Mikel, and a small team that is passionate about telling the world about Jesus Christ, (Yeshua) the one and only Savior for mankind...