Off Topic: Anti Fog Defense Spray

This post is written by Mikel (Lead Author/Founder)
On F🔥R3 4 YHWH! ☺💯🙏🏼❤

What’s up Guy’s ? I’m jumping on here real quick to let you guy’s know of a product that is worth its weight and gold… Ana, & I, wear glasses and due to the mask mandate we also deal with the fogging of the lens issue and we have tried various methods and products that either didn’t work at all or didn’t work well. Today Ana, & I, come across the following product and was amazed by the performance of the product that I had to get on here and let the S.o.H community that wears glasses know about this product. I & Ana, hopes this helps the S.o.H community that wear glasses. ☺

We got it at our local Walmart at the Walmart vision center for $7.00 but it can also be bought from Walmart website as well for the same price here is the product name and what it looks like.

Product name: Carl Zeiss Vision In Zeiss Anti-fog Defender, Price: $6.98

By Mikel,

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