Tidbit I Shared On Facebook 1 year ago

This post is written by Mikel (Lead Author/Founder)
On F🔥R3 4 YHWH! ☺💯🙏🏼❤

Life is always throwing curve balls to strike you out.

My past response to this statement would have been to strike out and wait on the bench until next opportunity.

My NOW response is, I am not going to let life curve balls strike me out and cause me to be benched. My Savior, says victory is mine! So, I am going to grind to get that home run. (no matter what the situation is)
You can only be beat down or lack of term benched by life situations if only {you) allow it.
My tidbit for today.

S.o.H community, What Is your response? We are carious to know! Either, Take the bench or Go for hitting the curve ball each time? Let us know in the comment section. ☺

By Mikel,

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