Praise You Lord Jesus For Your Healing Powers

This post is written by Mikel (Lead Author/Founder)
On F🔥R3 4 YHWH! ☺💯🙏🏼❤

Mikel, Lead Author/Founder of S.o.H

Greetings everyone! I wasn’t going to write about this but I cannot keep quiet about the awesomeness of Jesus and His awesome healing powers!

Back in 2008 I weighed in at a whooping 400 lbs. Yep! I was big time fat for my body frame and I blew out both my knee caps because of the weight… Fast forward to 2020 I currently weigh in at 285 lbs. and I am more active now!

I go for daily walks now and for the last 2 weeks I have heard the Holy Spirit say Mikel, please try jogging you going to need to push your body to lose more weight… I must admit I ignored the Holy Spirit out of fear because my mind was flooded with the thoughts of walking with crutches for 8 months starting back in 2008 and then for 3 yrs I had to walk with a cane. Like I said above I blew out my knee caps because of the massive weight. .

The Holy Spirit has been nudging me for 2 weeks now to start jogging and today I was walking to the bus stop but the bus ended up coming by the stop location early and I heard the Holy Spirit say Mikel, you have two choices. Jog and catch the bus or keep walking and miss the bus… Well I choose to not miss the bus and I jogged to the near by bus stop and I discovered my body can handle jogging!!! Moral of this testimony never doubt the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit is always right!

Extra tidbit about me, I like to dance as well and haven’t danced since before the legs got injured because of the massive weight… The style dancing I enjoyed completing is the urban style dance moves the video below is how I use to dance before I got straight out fat… (400 lbs) Well, today I discovered I could jog again and while at the bus station the tunes in my headset had me jiving and I ended up breaking out dancing on the bus station platform of course it wasn’t like the dancers in the video below but I jived some moves on the bus platform and ended up bringing happiness to a small crowd at the bus station For they made sure I knew so after I stopped dancing. ☺ Jesus healing powers are very true in the bible. My hopes are this testimony of healing will bring hope to other souls that Yeshua, (Jesus Christ) truly wants the best for each of you. (Jeremiah 29:11)

By Mikel,

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