Many Individuals Think I’m Off My Rocker And I Don’t Care!

This post is written by Mikel (Lead Author/Founder)
On F🔥R3 4 YHWH! ☺💯🙏🏼❤


Abba, Many individuals think I’m off my rocker I have had individuals state so! Oh, Lord, I love you, and I want to worship and serve you Lord, for you are the love of my life, Oh, Abba, these last 11 months I have done quite a bit for the Throne of Heaven and I want to do even M o r e!!! Oh, Abba, if individuals want to call me a fake, a Pharisee, or anything else under the sun, then so be it! I don’t care! as long as I know Abba, I have NOT offended you, my Lord, Abba, if I have done any wrong these last 11 months you were right there to correct me and I invite for that to continue… But Lord, many individuals have tried to bend me, mold me, into their version of what a child of God, shall act or talk… Abba, it is your direction I listen to how I should conduct myself and yes, Abba, I had my moments of falling but I got back up and push forward because Abba, you asked me to Soulja up and push forward…

Abba, it is the 2nd day of the 12th month and the 7th day will make it exactly 12 months that S.o.H has been established under the name change for it was January 7th 2020 I changed Soulja 4 Christ over to Soulja of Hope, Abba, next month on January 7th 2021 marks one year the Soulja of Hope website has been established but also next year on Oct 1st 2021 will mark that this movement ministry has been active for 9 yrs. 8 years as S4C, & Proj3ct Ignit3 and now 1 yr as S.o.H Oh, Abba, I want to thank you for you have provide items we needed to run the street portion of this movement ministry and you provided the funds for the Ads generated by WP to be removed which came with awesome upgrades like the first year with free custom domain which brought the URL from [Https://] to [] Abba you also provided after the free custom domain funds for business cards to hand out on the streets to individuals I, Ana, and the S.o.H Team minister to. Oh, Abba, you also helped me gain a 3 personnel team as well… (Answered Prayer! ☺ ) Thank you for all of this Lord and Lord, as you know the team and I, recently mentioned we are going to finish out 2020 and go through 2021 turbo charged! to represent your only perfect Son Jesus Christ. ☺💯🙏🏼❤🔥

Thank you Lord, for non of these elements I mentioned could be accomplished or completed without you backing this movement ministry… Lord, I love you deeply and I’m excited how 2020 will end and how 2021 will start as our love relationship continues to grow! Amen.

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