Emergency prayer

Please pray for me I got hit by a vehicle crossing a busy intersection I pushed Ana out the way she got hit by the side of vehicle I took the brunt of the hit and now something is wrong with my knee cap

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By Mikel,

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  1. I pray that you and Ana are released from all trauma and pain caused by this accident and that the peace and comfort and healing power of Jesus now covers you. Your bones are healed perfectly, the Doctors hands are anointed and that you recover completely from this. May you know the blessed presence of Jesus with you. Bless you. Nicola

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  2. Abba, thank you for sparing the life of Mikel and Ana. By the stripes of Jesus they are healed of the trauma to their souls and bodies. Thank you for angels of protection to keep them safe. Let surgery go well with quick recovery and no complications.
    They are your son and daughter and you are taking excellent care of them. Every curse spoken against them is turning to overflowing blessings. Thank you for supernatural healing and your favor in all areas of their lives. In the mighty name of Jesus, amen!

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