Wednesday I have Surgery

Hey guys the S.o.H team is spending holiday time and I’m getting ready to have surgery on my leg. I was told I may have learn to walk again I guess they don’t know my Jesus because even though another name for the devil is sandman and my surgeons name is sandman lol I will walk after This surgery without having to relearn.

I was told today that Dr Sandman, is a expert with this type of bone surgery even though the name makes me feel unsettle I believe God has placed me in good hands for best results… Ana, has been a big help as well my mother has been big help too. I thank God for their around the clock help for I am truly dependent upon their help right now…

Jesus has surely been providing strength around the clock for us three. Both Ana & mom are tired but they keep saying you took care of Ana, protecting her it is our time to help you back to stronger health.

God bless everyone have a wonder Christmas for I may not write another post for the rest of this month the surgery team told me my body will be very weak after surgery for they are cutting from the bottom side of my knee cap to my ankle across my shine to fix my tib bone I was also told hardware was needed to stabilize my shattered tib bone

By Mikel,

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