I’m Being Called A Hero By The Locals

Greetings Everyone!

Man around town the story of how I pushed Ana, out of the way and took the frontal hit from the SUV while legally crossing the cross walk. The issue was the vehicles were also triggered to turn left as well. This cross walk location is hard to get across., but across I & Ana, tried to get to the bus stop to take us home.

Various locals and a personnel at a medical store have taken upon themselves to either use their worker discount or because they have manager access to trigger the discount.

I was shocked because I am on bed rest for 3 months that I needed a hospital bed table at the medical store they retail at $150 I was provided with a new one for $75 I am feeling blessed and overwhelmed of peoples kindness to go the extra mile to help me since all the cost is out of my pocket until I can talk to the drivers car insurance on a reimbursement.

I am truly thankful for the various support through prayer and encouragement online to various locals blessing me with heavy discounts. I cannot say with words how appreciative I am for the prayers, encouragement, and various locals blessing me to make it easier on my already over budget costs.

The Holy spirit, said Mikel, you move Ana, out of the way and take the hit God will spare your life. I’m the type of person that if the Holy Spirit, says protect that person I’m doing it without question like I did for Ana, I guess if others seeing me as a hero brings them closer to Jesus Christ, and or helps others take their mind off covid 2020 and all the bad elements that came with the covid pandemic.

Then so be it I’m a hero, but truly I’m just Mikel, that was obeying the Holy Spirit that day.

Thank you for reading my feelings this post may be all over the place. I’m emotional right now and have powerful pain meds in me to help me with pain management.

By Mikel,

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  1. Mikel, what a wonderful report of God’s favor! God is so good! I decree favor with the driver of the SUV insurance company for generous and timely compensation, in the name of Jesus. Glad you are getting the equipment and help you need.
    Continue praying for your recovery. Praise Yahweh!

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