Off Topic: Just Bought Glo Toobs For Ana And I For Near Future Walking

Greetings everyone!

I found this product back this summer which is a dive marker light that can me emerged in water up to 200 ft (60 meters) the strobe function is what I’m after on the glo-toob product to be seen while walking. I put off buying these lights back this summer because almost 20.00 each but after being hit and my leg became broken 20.00 for each starts to look cheap. So, I went ahead and bought 2 this morning for Ana & I, They had green and red as well but I was concerned about the individuals that are color blind how those colors would give off a dull look and visibility probably wouldn’t be high enough so I went with the color white for the highest visibility possible.

Seizure Warning Strobe light in video

This is not a affiliate link I am simply linking to the Amazon page I bought the product from for anyone interested in buying the product for themselves. Amazon page for Glo-Toob the link leads to the white version there is red and green option to pick from on the amazon page as well…

By S.o.H

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    1. Hi Lesley (the English one), Hoping it is a product worth the money and produces high visibility… I may write a product review in the future once I’m able to use it among traffic.

      God Bless Thank you for stopping by. ☺

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      1. Yes, a review would be good.
        There’s another Lesley who writes a Christian blog, hence the moniker. lol 😀

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