Off Topic: Got The Glo Toob Early!

HI #HopeSquad How are you guy’s on this fine evening?

In a recent post I mentioned I purchased Glo Toobs (white) for Ana, & I, they were scheduled for Monday delivery and I just got the package a day early! The Glo Toob, runs on a single AAA battery and I tried them out in our home in the dark and I am amazed how bright the Glo Toob is. I have surely bought other safety lights around the same price point with strobe and it surely doesn’t match to the brightness of the Glo Toob, again referring to the white version.

Because I cannot walk right now I cannot put the Glo Toob to the true test will I be seen by individuals driving? I believe I will because they are quite bright! But I want to test that theory out.. So, I won’t be walking for a while hoping sooner than later but that is in God’s timing. ☺ I am going to try out the lantern feature on high and low mode as well. Once I start walking again I will be testing the strobe feature on my early morning walks… Oh, I miss those walks spending time with God. So maybe around summer time of this year or maybe sooner I will have a review written up on my thoughts of the white version of the Glo Toob. I also forgot to mention in the last post the Glo Toob comes with a detachable lanyard.

By S.o.H

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