Emergency Prayer Request Please

Mikel, Crying

Yes, I am still on hiatus until further notice. The drivers insurance company just called me and because our state is a no fault state. (Maybe now all states are?) Anyways I was told that the drivers insurance company will not cover mine and Ana’s medical bills because of the no fault law in place, however I was referred to a non profit organization that will assign an insurance company to cover medical bills only but I & Ana, have to fill out an application and provide a police report with the application.to try and be approved for funds for individuals like Ana, & I that don’t have our own car insurance. (I & Ana, take public transit We don’t own a vehicle)

#HopeSquad could you please pray that God will help us become approved by this non profit origination and that we will be assigned to an insurance company that will work with us to cover my & Ana’s medical expenses… My last resort is getting a personal injury lawyer but prefer to not go this route if I can avoid such route. One more thing I was told by the surgeon that I may have on going medical needs for my injured leg so please pray also that if so that God will provide us an insurance company that would work with covering those possible future medical bills and needs.

Thank you everyone for your continue prayer support.

Mikel, .


Abba, Please forgive me for I got quite upset with the person at the drivers insurance company. Lord, I was referred to a non profit organization that assigns an insurance company that provides payment for medical bills only Lord, that is all I am trying to do is get my & Ana’s medical related bills paid from the accident and be covered for any possible future leg related medical, for I was told I may need a knee replacement within 5 to 10 years because how bad my leg was injured. Oh, Father God, I am stressed because I have been on bed and chair rest for a little over a month now and I have high medical bills lingering over my head because the surgery was not cheap. Oh, Abba, I’m trying to trust and have faith Lord, I really need The Holy Spirit’s guidance. I am trying not to sue because Lord, I’m trying my best to follow your ways over my own Lord, even though a lot of people think I’m dumb for not going the route of suing.

Oh Father God, I leave this all in your care please help and take care of our medical bills and any future possible related leg care that is all I ask of you Lord Amen. 😭😞

By S.o.H

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  1. I am praying for your complete healing, brother, and that the Lord will provide for you and cover all your expenses. I know it seems dark right now, but God is with you and He will see you through this. Grace and peace to you!

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    1. Hi Ryan, Thank you for the prayer support and encouragement…. Insurance companies are so impersonal like it was my fault for crossing the street when the cross walk light okayed me to walk like I was causing inconvenience for the impatient driver to wait for me to cross… The driver was inpatient and my leg injury is proof of such but the insurance company was so dark and grim placing the blame more less on me… I do believe God is working this out I just have to trust that God is looking out for what is best in the perspective of the whole picture God sees verse what I see.

      I am now in a better head space after praying to God and crying for a few minutes the phone call took me by surprise a bit.

      God Bless! brother… I appreciate you very much! ☺💯

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