Real Talk: It Is Time To Wake Up And Truly Live For Jesus! Part 1

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Real Talk With Your Host Mikel,
Sarah Reeves Motions: Song about being our own worse enemy

Greetings #hopesquad my latest journal entry is a life aspect many go through and even suffer with in life and could end up going through many life seasons due to self denial. Mikel, what are you talking about?. Well, the answer is quite simple but the acceptance of such in a persons life is more complex to accept.

The answer is going through the “motions” in life and becoming too comfortable instead of pushing ourselves to be actionable before the Lord. See I said the answer is easy which is “motions” living life in a comfort aspect and not becoming willing to push harder for God because we as individuals struggle to leave our cozy comfort zone, that is why this is the complex aspect of the answer because even myself before the accident was like yep, that is not me. (self denial) because it absolutely was me I just didn’t want to admit to it because I allowed blinders to be put in place.

Since the accident I have had a lot of time in the recliner and a lot of time to talk to God, what else could I do? my schedule became free due to recovery. I have come to find that the Holy Spirit is not shy to confront the aspects in a persons life when the truth is even hard for the person to swallow. Don’t get me wrong the Holy Spirit has always confronted with love and respect but also never shied away from speaking the harsh truth that was destroying my relationship with Jesus Christ.

The harsh truthful reality is I was going through the motions of I trust God, I love God, I want to live for God, but I didn’t place much action behind that because it ripped me out my comfort zone. I was becoming weak because I was completing everything through my own strength instead of truly tapping into God’s strength. To many and even myself (because of the blinders I allowed) I was appearing Christian but was playing church instead of actually being an ambassador for Jesus Christ. I have since repented for this lifestyle of living through the motions of the Christian lifestyle instead of being actionable living out my life to be an actionable faith based testimony before other individuals.

I would say God Bless Jesus loves you to people, I even prayed with them on the streets and online I even would encourage and lift others up but I was struggling living out these aspects in my own life, because I was going through the motions in life. This lead me to fear rejection of other peers around me and I fell back into being a people pleaser and not a God obeying servant because I was allowing myself to be at this point of my life before the accident to be blinded I was just living through the motions of a Christian lifestyle.

Since the accident my life was flipped upside down and this is where I truly learned Jesus Christ, has to be the solid rock I stand on.

1 Samuel 2:2 ESV
“There is none holy like the Lord; there is none besides you; there is no rock like our God.

Quoted from the Bible 1 Samuel 2:2 ESV (English Standard Version)

looking through the Spiritual eyes flips the perspective -Mikel,

Quoted by Mikel, Author of Soulja of Hope

Be on the look out for part 2 I will be publishing part 2 soon. I will go into more depth of living the Christian lifestyle through the motion aspect and talk about how to correct the behavior. Read Part 2!

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