Please Pray I Will Have The Strength Tomorrow

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Hello #hopesquad I’m seeking prayer for tomorrow for I go for my next x-ray but what I am asking specific prayer for is to be able to walk in total about 3 blocks one way. About 2 weeks ago the Holy Spirit approached me to walk with my walker to the bus stop and navigate by walking with the walker after I get off the bus to go to the doctors office.

For the last 2 weeks I have been practicing walking with the walker and before the accident I was able to walk 15 miles round trip. 3 blocks in total one way for the whole trip one direction seems like a long mile to me. If the Holy Spirit didn’t believe I could do this then the Holy Spirit would have not asked 2 weeks ago. I’m trying to have actionable faith and listen to the Holy Spirit. Hence why I am not going by wheel chair tomorrow but instead walking with the walker.

Tomorrow I see the surgeon that completed the surgery and they will see me walking ☺ because of the healing power of Jesus Christ. I am not applying much pressure to the leg for I am still applying most of my weight to my good leg and upper arm strength… The reason I am asking for prayer is because I get tired out easy since the accident.

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God Bless!

Nico, (Lead Author)