Yes! I’m Off Bed Rest

Bed rest status has been lifted I am now walking again just got done walking half the day. Ana, was so joy filled she decided to record video footage of me walking as I left the doctors office. I will provide more progress updates as they come about.

Thank you Jesus you answered all our prayers I am back to walking and can bear half my body weight on the left leg and the doctor is aiming for me be fully walking with no cane or walker within one month. Thank you Jesus for healing my leg and thank you everyone for your prayer support, God heard and answered. ☺


  1. All glory to Yahweh our Healer! This is great news Mikel! What the enemy meant for evil, God has turned to good and an excellent testimony. Praying that all your medical expenses are paid in full! Hallelujah!!!

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    1. Hi Pure Glory, Yes! all glory to our Healer Yeshua, (Jesus Christ) Thank you for the prayer support I am also praying the medical debt for Ana & I related to the accident is paid in full.

      Trusting God that He will help us navigate the unknown road right now to get the medical paid in full. We are facing some road blocks right now but this is nothing God cannot handle. ☺

      God Bless,

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    1. Hi Ryan, I wanted to thank you for the prayer support you have taken before the throne, Since I posted this post I am now able to walk short distances solely with my legs… all as of today.

      3 weeks ago I had a dream a man was shoveling snow and I shouted outside I am walking after breaking my leg a month and a half ago because of Jesus healing powers and in my dream the man lifted his hand to the sky.

      I now believe God was showing me the future 3 weeks ago because the man looked and was dressed the same as in my dream 3 weeks ago and he heard my message this evening about Jesus healing powers 20 mins ago and raised his hand to the sky.

      Oh, brother we serve such a mighty God.

      God bless Ryan,

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