Today’s Bible Read: Romans Chapter 6

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What’s up #hopesquad Today I just wrapped up reading Romans 6 with Ana, What a wonderful chapter to remind us either way we are slaves if that is to sin or the only worthy King Christ Jesus, in Heaven! The choice is ours with our free will but we cannot escape the aspect we are either slaves to sin or Christ, I & Ana, choose to be willing servants (slaves) of Jesus Christ, My hopes are if you have read this chapter many times that the Holy Spirit will show you something new and if it is your first time reading Romans 6 my hopes are it is an eye opener to you just how much Jesus has done for you to become free from being a slave to sin.


Father God thank you for your Son Jesus Christ, that through your Son Jesus Christ, we have the opportunity to denounce sin in our lives and mimic Christ Jesus, in each of our lives. Father God I request the Holy Spirit meets with everyone that chooses to read Romans Chapter 6 and that you bring new insight into their life. Amen!

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God Bless!

Nico, (Lead Author)