Journal Entry 004: I’m Going To Be Okay!

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Hello fellow #hopesquad and new readers. Back during 2019 I set out to achieve some big goals attached to big plans to honor the Lord on the Throne of the Kingdom of Heaven, but as things were looking up by early 2020 those plans hit a brick wall because of covid. I’ll admit I started to give up and now it is 2021 and the Holy Spirit is starting to spark that dream within me again with some modifications to those plans because of the covid situation.

I am finding myself breaking down crying because it is taking a lot out of me to recover with my leg and try to complete the goals the Holy Spirit has tasked me with. The reason I am posting this is to encourage others because when I heard this song below I envisioned daddy God holding me and speaking the words to me in the song. I sometimes put the song on repeat and just cry anyone that knows me or is familiar with the blog posts here at the S.o.H website will also know crying doesn’t come easy for me for the way my dad trained me that men don’t cry about anything. I’ll admit it feels good to let loose with tears and be engaged with how I am feeling at the time because it helps me to be more real with my talks with God.

God is correct I am going to be okay because I am stronger than I know that I am with the strength and power of Heaven backing me. So, are →You← with the strength and power of God backing you as well, you are unstoppable With the Power of Heaven backing you… So I invite you if you are struggling to bring a dream together for the glory of God or you are struggling with something else but are trying to work it out with the Lord almighty then I invite you to be like me push play below sit back close your eyes and dump your mind of everything and let the Holy Spirit bring comfort to you. (If you would like to place the song on repeat then after the video starts right click and choose the option loop or On mobile devices long press on video and choose option loop)


Father God I recently heard a Christian motivation video that said that if your dream doesn’t scare you a bit it is not big enough and to aim higher for there is no limits when it comes to you Lord, Daddy God, back in 2015 I said a bold prayer and I laid out how I wanted break the boundaries of man made religious rules and push the boundaries of Heaven across this dying world to shine the light of Christ Jesus. Oh, Father I can see as each day goes by you are completing that dream within me and through me towards others and I thank you for this even though at times it is hard for the leg recovery takes a lot out me at times. Thank you Jesus for being here for your help is appreciated. Amen!

10 fear not, for I am with you;
be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

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God Bless!

Nico, (Lead Author)


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