Journal Entry 005: God Is A Great Reminder!

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All through last year when I would begin to fear Isaiah 41:10 would randomly show up and remind me not to fear and trust God, this morning I woke up thinking about a bunch of “what ifs” with the upcoming endeavor that I and Ana, are about to take on to glorify Jesus Christ,

I got caught up thinking of the “What if’s” of all the things that could go wrong and how I didn’t feel qualified for this upcoming endeavor. I refreshed Facebook this morning because the tab sat all night as I slept and after the tab refreshed the following below showed up on my Facebook feed which is Isaiah 41:10 and at that very moment I heard the Holy Spirit say

Holy Spirit Said The Following

Nico, trust the Lord with all your heart and your Lord & Savior will train you for your upcoming position because you were born for this position.


Okay Lord, we are going to do this your way I am sorry I got caught up in the “What If’s” because you have already sorted everything out and all I have to do is have bold faith and train under your care Lord. Amen!

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God Bless!

Nico, (Lead Author)


  1. My daughter and I were talking on the phone this morning and laughing at how we both inherited the family ‘what if’ gene! She’s just accepted a very responsible position in forensics, alongside completing her university degree, and she was saying how happy she was when offered the position . . . until the ‘what ifs’ popped up in her mind. She’s okay now but understands the terrific workload she’ll be contending with. I’m going to send her the meme you’ve posted with the Isaiah verse. 😀
    Your prayer was right on the nail. Keep trusting in the Lord. I pray that prayer with you! God bless.

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    1. Hi Lesley, I am happy to hear your daughter got position in forensic, Yes, the the “What Ifs” can hold any of us back from reaching our full potential.

      Father God thank you for providing Lesley’s, daughter with this new position Lord, I ask you help Lesley’s, daughter transition into here new position. Amen!

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