Declaration To Have A Changed Mindset

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Note from Nico, I wrote this on Facebook today and decided to share the message here on Soulja of Hope blog as well.

People refer to “the sky is the limit” meaning limitless opportunities but there is a barrier between the sky and space so in a physical sense the sky has its limits. With the Holy Spirit’s guidance I am reaching for the Heaven’s beyond space.

Nico, Aiming For The Mighty Heaven Of YHWH,

So mentally, I am suiting up to go pass the sky and space to reach where God is trying to show me to go with the God given calling I was placed on this earth for I’m embarking on life changing elements in my life right now and right here as I write this message I am going to embrace the mindset I was not born to be a failure like my earth dad would always tell me I would become that mindset has destroyed opportunities in the past and I refuse to continue do that pathway.


Here I am Lord use me as you see fit for I am a child of yours and there is no limit when it comes to your way Lord. Amen.

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God Bless!

Nico, (Lead Author)


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