I am Thankful To Christ Jesus For… 2/19/2021

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In a previous post I mention I was going to start thanking God (YHWH) daily.

Quoted From The Post Titled Journal Entry 006: Refusing To Give Into Lost Hope

Going forward even though it won’t be easy I am going to awake each day granted by God and thank God daily

Today I was listening to the song below and it reminded me of the day Christ Jesus, fought on my behalf to spare me from hades (hell)

I am Thankful Today For…

As I listen to the song above I was reminded how Christ Jesus, went forth and fought on my behalf to have the righteous judgement against my soul overturned as I was entering into hell as I cried out Jesus if you truly love me then please save me and give me another Chance,

Unfortunately not all souls entering into hades (hell) receive a second chance by being pulled from hades I was one of the fortunate souls that became spared from eternal damnation and eternal separation from God (YHWH) I am thankful I got another chance to live my life for YHWH through seeking the Father on the Throne of Heaven through Christ Jesus.

6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

Thank you Jesus for sparing me and helping me daily grow closer in a relationship with the Holy Father in Heaven. Oh, Father in Heaven for many years I took the gift of a second chance for granted 😢 But, no more! I am now on the right pathway and I am now being led by the Holy Spirit, to lead other souls to the alter where they can also seek a meaningful relationship with you God (YHWH) of Heaven, Jesus my words cannot even begin to thank you so I am seeking to live a life of daily gratitude!

What Are Thankful For? With The Holy Father of Heaven Today!

Feel free to let everyone know in the comment section what you are thankful through the Holy Father of Heaven.

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