I am Thankful To Christ Jesus For… 2/20/2021

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I am Thankful Today For…

Today I am thankful God provided me a soulmate (Ana) that goes out of her way daily to direct me towards Christ Jesus when I reach rough moments in life.

My Lovely Soulmate Ana,

Picture of Ana,

One Of Many Of Ana’s Encouragements!

Nico, God provided you with a leadership position to be an influencer towards other souls as you lead them to the alter to meet Christ Jesus, I know you are going to be awesome at it because Daddy God is backing you from the Throne of Heaven.

Thank You! Ana,

Ana, Thank you for your encouraging words daily to help me to remain encouraged to soulja up daily for God (YHWH) I thank God daily for you for you have helped me see the best of me through God all these years even though I struggle to see it at times.


Father God thank you for my soulmate Ana, she is a true blessing from you Lord, Amen!

What Are Thankful For? With The Holy Father of Heaven Today!

Feel free to let everyone know in the comment section what you are thankful through the Holy Father of Heaven.

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