Hello Everyone! This pubic journal entry is for future self-reflection as well my hopes are that these journal entries will encourage other individuals to see and understand the struggles that come with being a servant unto Yahweh. God, is very Able, I’m a testament to this statement! Before I became a Christian I was a […]

Pyrx’z Prayer Lord, today I come before your throne with a humble heart I ask that you help me, complete this day as you see fit. Help me remain in the background as the Holy Spirit, takes lead in my life… Help me with the words I speak and the actions I complete for today […]

I found this in my archived files this was meant for the old website called Soulja 4 Christ, I’m sharing now because the statement is what the Holy Spirit laid upon my heart when I wrote it a few years back. My hopes are you are encouraged by what the Holy Spirit laid upon my […]

This public prayer response is based off this post over at the the Fathers feet titled Cancelled? My Public Prayer Response Pyrx, Wrote: As, one of your many children as I witness your anger rise against the wickedness that continues to happen before your throne and your protection upon your many children help me and […]

Hello Everyone, I’m excited to announce based off the community feedback for months now that many of you are encouraged by the images I add scripture or inspirational message too… So, I went ahead and created an Instagram profile for Soulja of hope…. I’m inviting you to give Soulja of Hope a follow on Instagram… […]

Everyday is a battle between the flesh and the spirit side of each of us. 16 So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. 17 For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh. They are […]

Some of you be like wut? why no face with ? it’s because it really isn’t about me it is about Jesus Christ, and many individuals take high importance how they look (I’m guilty of such in the past pretense) I purely don’t care anymore because that aspect doesn’t lead people to seeing Jesus Christ, […]

I wrote this on facebook first and got to thinking there is so many individuals that could benefit from this! So I’m posting on the blog in hopes it encourages many across nationz!!! Throughput life I have heard other Christians say I dislike it when I am referred to as Holy roller, Bible thumper, Jesus […]