When I Mention Boldness I Mean…

Mikel, Waving To S.o.H Community Greetings My hopes are all is well with you! ☺ All is well here, ☺ I had concern before during these last 11 months that some individuals wouldn't fully understand what I mean when I mention boldness before the Throne of God (YHWH) First off lets refer to scripture! Hebrews…

Ever Had?

"Ever had a friend that only talked to you when they needed something? Yeah, God has a lot of those." Mikel, Wrote On Facebook 3 Yrs Ago We as Christian's have to be willing to be selfless but not in a way that enables sin in someone else's life. As individuals we "each" have to…

An Archived Post From Soulja 4 Christ

Greetings everyone! Today I come across an archived post I wrote back in 2014 when this website was called Soulja 4 Christ... I hope you enjoy reading a post from the past 6 yrs ago to be exact. Author note I left the post word for word unedited. (The Bird Must Learn To Fly) Being…

What I Wrote On Facebook 6 Yrs Ago Pt 2

Greetings everyone! I wrote this status update back in 2014 I was speaking of the things that started to happen when I asked God into my life back in 2011 This is part 2 of 2 part journal entry (Read Pt1) Day 2: (Relationship With God) Before I became a Christian in 2011 I saw…

What I Wrote On Facebook 6 Yrs Ago Pt 1

Greetings everyone! I wrote this status update back in 2014 I was speaking of the things that started to happen when I asked God into my life back in 2011 This is part 1 of 2 part journal entry Since I became a Christian in 2011 I have been rejected by many whom I considered…

Word Of Faith Movement: Preach False Doctrine

Don’t be deceived, instead utilize discernment!

Once Confined to Darkness "NOW" Walking In Faith!

The Word of Faith Movement (name it and claim it) Prosperity Churches have blinded so many. If you are watching and embracing the individuals listed below, you might want to re-evaluate and use Discernment. They are preaching a false doctrine.

Joel Osteen
Creflo Dollar
Benny Hinn
Joyce Meyer
Kenneth Copeland
Steven Furtick
Todd White
Rob Parsley
John Hagee
Joseph Prince
Jesse Duplantis
Rick Warren
Michael Todd
Paula White
And many more new age teachers. Not to mention Bethel and Hillsong churches. I had to show my wife Sarah Bell some things about what they preach due to her watching some of them. I wanted to make her aware of the false doctrine being preached.

Please open your eyes and see that we were never promised great health, being rich and that if you tithe all your money, your bills will magically be paid off. These individuals above are filthy rich…

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I’m Going About This All Wrong!

Lord, Thank you for bringing it to my attention that I need to step back take a deep breath and close my physical eye's and seek the direction of my purpose from you Lord, with my spiritual eye's here on earth. Father God I have actionable faith that you will meet me and show me…

Oh Wow Lord Thank You Lord

Oh, wow I'm truly amazed I went to the thrift store called Bible mission I found a brand name hoodie called polo sport after I paid only $5 for the hoodie I looked it up online and to my surprise the hoodie brand new retails at $110.00 I bought at thrift store in New looking…

Are You Being An Enemy Towards Me?

To Clarify this post is a response because someone wrote to me via messenger an attackful message via Soulja of Hope Facebook page I have nothing to hide so I am replying in a pubic manner. Or are you being an enemy towards God? For God has established this movement even though hades (hell) and…

You Decided: Is This Song Considered On Fire or Not? Christian Version Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You

Greetings S.o.H community... Welcome to the new visitors and followers your community involvement is encouraged here! The Song below is a secular song that has been lyrically rewritten to be considered as a Christian version. So, my question to each of you is, Is the Christian version on Fire or Not on Fire? Let us…

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