Many of you have requested to hear my testimony. Well, wait no longer I created the video! to share the Love story of Jesus found within my life testimony. This video was hard for me to do but I trusted God and prayed that the Holy Spirit would give the words to speak before I […]

Praise you Lord, I left my iPhone on the table at woodland mall and realized about a hour later while shopping within the mall that my iPhone wasn’t in my pocket Ana called my phone and security answered and said come to the security office to claim phone I am thankful to the honest person […]

Hello everyone, My name is Andrew, I’m the Author of S.o.H I’m posting this image to override the fear with shyness. I also included Ana, my beautiful high school sweetheart, she is also trying to override the fear of shyness, Anyways more written content below image. Yes, I’m aware I’m blurry in the image I […]

Hello Souljaz, Blessings! This blog is on the internet because of YHWH! I was able to finally get off the sub domain to because YHWH provided the funds to complete such upgrade purchase… I’m not here to blog for the like’s, comments, shares, don’t get me wrong I appreciate the shares, like’s, and […]

Hey guys My hopes are your day is well! Yesterday I ask for prayer for my mom, well,she called me and gave me update, An update that has me concerned but leaving in YHWH’z hands. 😟 My mom called to let me know they were going to admit her because they found something wrong with […]