God Morning! #HopeSquad Disclaimer: This is a element I was guilty of and have fixed with the guidance of the Holy Spirit since the accident. My Hopes are that this openness of the struggle I struggled with helps someone realize that even when we run from God, that God still loves each of us and […]

Where is God’s Children when the world is in need of them to rise against the devils tactics. Come on! God fearing Children of YHWH, put down the pacifier and pick of the sword which is the Word of God, and utilize the power from Heaven, Stop talking about all the stuff going on around […]

I know I am established through the Throne of God for God has confirmed such status! Are you? I forgive you, but think twice before you go forth picking someone as your enemy when the Sovereignty of God is behind them… Isaiah 41:10-13 English Standard Version10 fear not, for I am with you; be not […]