As humans we all get caught up at some point becoming distracted from fully living for the Lord. This has surely happen to me were I went off course with my faith walk. So, no judgement coming from me towards others instead I would like to write a prayer below that will help each of […]

Abba, (Father) In Spanish “Alaba” means praise! Oh, Father, today I pray that you help your children learn new ways to bring praise to you Lord through out the day as we live to serve you Lord. Amen! The video below has a mixture of Spanish and English. Ana, is bilingual so I have come […]

Prayer For Today Abba, thank you for today. Oh, Lord & Savoir help me starting today to grow a mindset where I place you first everywhere in my life. Father, I am a sinner that is seeking forgiveness and as you provide me forgiveness I also extend forgiveness unto others that have wronged me and […]

Post Written by Mikel, lead author.On 🔥 4 YHWH! Oh Father God, as I have been studying the word of God your Wisdom Lord, as well have been in constant prayer (communication) with you Lord, you have made it known to me that you are going to use the boldness through me to expose the devils tactics […]

Join Me With Tonight’s Prayer! Father God, even though the day was rough today as well yesterday I thank you for your guidance through the Holy Spirit, it is not about me it is about being a willing vessel to complete the work you desire from Heaven to be completed. Lord, I forgive the offenses […]