Hey guys, May your day and every day, to follow be blessed by YHWH, As I take a much needed break from writing so I don’t become burnt out, I have taken the time to write some posts that are selected to auto post to keep fresh content ongoing here as I take a break […]

I decided to write this public prayer to hopefully inspire others to open up to the Lord and let it be 100 (💯) to display how to be real with God. Abba, (Father) I’m trying my best to continue to operate through faith with action because Lord you say faith without actionable faith is consider […]

Abba (Father) Hello and thank you for everything you do daily. Lord I can remember in 2015 I was a wimpy christian but even back then I had a deep desire to set out and make a difference. Father it is now 5 yrs later and I am living out that prayer. Whom I was […]

Abba (Father) Thank you for this day you have brought forth Lord, Help me today to be more on fire for you Yahweh. Lord, I pray for your help today to walk stronger in faith and to teach me today how to have a stronger love for others as your son Jesus Christ, displayed towards […]

Hello Lord, in 2017 I found out my wife that I was with for 19 years was cheating on me and then by early 2018 I became divorced and I thought the current year (2019) would be the year of returning to normalcy with life. I was so wrong. I say this because the depression […]

Image Caption He (Jesus Christ) died so you could have life (John 3:16) 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life Prayer Lord Almighty, I come before you as a sinner. I am thankful your Son […]