Prayer For: God’s Love And Mercy To Be Evident

Some of the S.o.H community may be missing the prayer posts, If you are here you go! ☺It is my pleasure to pray before God and the S.o.H community. Morning Prayer For 10/25/2020 Father God it is evident that the world is more cold (evil) by the day and this element is making it harder…… Continue reading Prayer For: God’s Love And Mercy To Be Evident

Prayer For A Great Awakening of Slumbered Souls

Greetings! & Welcome! back, This prayer today is going to be a little different for these last 2 years God has been preparing me to write life changing messages & bold prayers coming straight from the Throne of Heaven. As of Today the Holy Spirit directed me to write a bold prayer before I release…… Continue reading Prayer For A Great Awakening of Slumbered Souls

Prayer: For Unity!

As of lately “unity” through Jesus Christ has been on my heart! So, this is what I will pray about in this blog post.☺ Prayer For “Unity” Father God, the phrase “unity has been on my heart for the last week and I believe 100% the Holy Spirit placed that care upon my heart…… Continue reading Prayer: For Unity!

Prayer For: The Brothers & Sisters Through Jesus Christ

Brothers & Sisters through Jesus Christ! Don’t become dismayed as the world grows more evil by the day for our Lord Jesus Christ, is among us to shine His love upon this dying world. fear not, for I am with you;be not dismayed, for I am your God;I will strengthen you, I will help you,I…… Continue reading Prayer For: The Brothers & Sisters Through Jesus Christ

Morning Prayer 10/14/2020

Greetings to everyone! May your day become enriched. ☺ Mikel’s Prayer For Everyone! Father God, thank you for this day! when tomorrow is not promised (James 4:13-15⧉) Oh, Father I invite you to show me your will for today as I seek to become a stronger fisherman of souls (Matthew 4:19⧉) Oh, Lord, help me…… Continue reading Morning Prayer 10/14/2020

Morning Prayer 10/4/2020

Life will bring forth its challenges but with Jesus Christ, you can endure the hardship. -R3ign, Join Me In Prayer! Father God, I (Insert Your Name) Thank you for this day you have given me, Father God, please help me to live a more intentional life for you, help me bring every though, action,…… Continue reading Morning Prayer 10/4/2020

Morning Prayer For 10/1/2020

Prayer For This Morning Abba (Father) I (Insert Your Name) come to you today humbled thank you for this day Lord, please protect me today as I go about completing today’s task… Lord, help me to find opportunities today to share your Son Jesus Christ’s love towards others, in your mighty name Jesus, Amen!

Morning Prayer For 9/30/2020

Hope_Squad, We must stand united with each other to promote the Love of Jesus to mankind in a world that is experiencing hatred. Prayer Oh, Father, (Abba) its your boi R3ign, on a new day with an aching heart Father, there is so many Christians debating the politics of religion but are overlooking the aspect…… Continue reading Morning Prayer For 9/30/2020

Tonight’s Prayer For 9/29/2020

Hello Everyone, Tonight’s prayer is little different. I sensed the Holy Spirit guiding me to add tonight’s prayer from the bible. Before I do add the prayer found in Mathew 6:9-15 I would like to share scripture because this scripture states the devil desires to be God, himself but to not rule like our true…… Continue reading Tonight’s Prayer For 9/29/2020