Morning Prayer For 9/29/2020,

R3ign, Praying! Father (Abba) thank you for another day… Recently Lord, I felt alone but knew deep down that you had not forsaken but instead I got caught up with life, in my own mind but yet, your loving presence never left… Lord, thank you for always being there even when I thought and felt…… Continue reading Morning Prayer For 9/29/2020,

Nightly Prayer For 9/28/2020

R3ign, Praying Hello everyone! here is my prayer for September 28 2020 Abba, (Father) Thank you for another day, Lord, today I gave a business card to a man I see on the bus a lot and that business card allowed me the opportunity to speak with him online tonight and become friends as well!…… Continue reading Nightly Prayer For 9/28/2020

Nightly Prayer For 9/27/2020

Lord, thank you for this platform thank you for everyone you direct to this platform, Lord, please help me to bring soul enriching content to this platform to help others come to know Jesus Christ, and to grow closer to Jesus daily as well. Lord, please protect everyone tonight and bless them as well. Lord,…… Continue reading Nightly Prayer For 9/27/2020

Lord, I Request To Be Turbo Charged For You As Your Willing Servant

Pyrx’z Prayer, Oh, Lord, I have been seeing your hand opening doors lately and in my spirit I can sense that a break through is coming! You Lord, have made it clear to me I’m to represent Jesus Christ, like all your children should and as one of your children I made it clear to…… Continue reading Lord, I Request To Be Turbo Charged For You As Your Willing Servant