Website Update: Micro blogging

I have decided to utilize this platform as a microblog -R3ign, Hi Guy's, after reviewing the website data I have discovered that the readership is declining. I've never been the type of person to give up easily... After praying about this and much consideration I was ready to switch over to using Facebook and Twitter … Continue reading Website Update: Micro blogging

Website Update: Pen Name Change

Hey Guys! Just a quick update after praying about this and the Holy Spirit giving the green light I am switching out the pen name from Pyrx, (Related Post) back to the previous name R.3.I.G.N. (pronounced (Rain) I had when this website was called Soulja 4 Christ, What does the Acronym mean? Reaching 3veryone In … Continue reading Website Update: Pen Name Change

Quick Website Update: I changed The S.o.H Platform Tagline

Wutz Up! Soulja_Squad, I'm jumping on here real quick before I start knocking out tasks on my to do list today to let everyone, know I changed the S.o.H platform tagline to "BECOMING FEARLESS & BOLDER 4 YHWH" I changed to this tagline because it gives a more precise message what this platform is about. … Continue reading Quick Website Update: I changed The S.o.H Platform Tagline

Website Update: Pen Name Change

Hello Soulja Nation Squad, As I write here I told God I wanted the focus to be more about Jesus Christ, so I asked God, could I please go back to using Pyrx, as the author name to display less of me by removing reference of me through my name and more of Jesus Christ,? … Continue reading Website Update: Pen Name Change

Going Back To The Basics

Yep, you are seeing it right! I changed the theme, I decided to change the theme from being a flashy design to being basic to put more emphasis on Jesus and less on the website design. Here at S.o.H I always wanted the focus to be about Jesus but the last theme took from this … Continue reading Going Back To The Basics