What I Wrote On Facebook As Of January 3rd

Good Morning and Blessing! #HopeSquad Now days there is a lot of individuals that claim Christian but have nothing to do with representing Jesus Christ. Since I broke my leg I have had a lot of time to sit back and spend time with God, for I am down on bed rest for now… It…… Continue reading What I Wrote On Facebook As Of January 3rd

Prayer: For Unity!

As of lately “unity” through Jesus Christ has been on my heart! So, this is what I will pray about in this blog post.☺ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frhgT5CMpjo Prayer For “Unity” Father God, the phrase “unity has been on my heart for the last week and I believe 100% the Holy Spirit placed that care upon my heart…… Continue reading Prayer: For Unity!

You Gotta Stay Frosty

Dislclaimer Wutz up! Hope_Squad, Today I’m here to let you know “You Gotta Stay Frosty” (alert) because because the spiritual war zone is no joke. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHF1_vi8H2Q What I’m sharing with you today is from a first hand experience. You got to remember our enemy is not with people but with the devil and his chump…… Continue reading You Gotta Stay Frosty