Daily Prayer: Praise!

Abba, (Father) In Spanish “Alaba” means praise! Oh, Father, today I pray that you help your children learn new ways to bring praise to you Lord through out the day as we live to serve you Lord. Amen! The video below has a mixture of Spanish and English. Ana, is bilingual so I have come…… Continue reading Daily Prayer: Praise!

Prayer For: God’s Love And Mercy To Be Evident

Some of the S.o.H community may be missing the prayer posts, If you are here you go! ☺It is my pleasure to pray before God and the S.o.H community. Morning Prayer For 10/25/2020 Father God it is evident that the world is more cold (evil) by the day and this element is making it harder…… Continue reading Prayer For: God’s Love And Mercy To Be Evident

Morning Prayer For 9/29/2020,

R3ign, Praying! Father (Abba) thank you for another day… Recently Lord, I felt alone but knew deep down that you had not forsaken but instead I got caught up with life, in my own mind but yet, your loving presence never left… Lord, thank you for always being there even when I thought and felt…… Continue reading Morning Prayer For 9/29/2020,