Prayer For Today 10/27/2020

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Prayer For Today Abba, thank you for today. Oh, Lord & Savoir help me starting today to grow a mindset where I place you first everywhere in my life. Father, I am a sinner that is seeking forgiveness and as you provide me forgiveness I also extend forgiveness unto others that have wronged me and…… Continue reading Prayer For Today 10/27/2020

Morning Prayer For 10/1/2020

Prayer For This Morning Abba (Father) I (Insert Your Name) come to you today humbled thank you for this day Lord, please protect me today as I go about completing today’s task… Lord, help me to find opportunities today to share your Son Jesus Christ’s love towards others, in your mighty name Jesus, Amen!

Morning Prayer For 9/29/2020,

R3ign, Praying! Father (Abba) thank you for another day… Recently Lord, I felt alone but knew deep down that you had not forsaken but instead I got caught up with life, in my own mind but yet, your loving presence never left… Lord, thank you for always being there even when I thought and felt…… Continue reading Morning Prayer For 9/29/2020,

He (YHWH) Is Able!

Hello Everyone! This pubic journal entry is for future self-reflection as well my hopes are that these journal entries will encourage other individuals to see and understand the struggles that come with being a servant unto Yahweh. God, is very Able, I’m a testament to this statement! Before I became a Christian I was…… Continue reading He (YHWH) Is Able!