Father God Thank You…

Join Me With Tonight’s Prayer! Father God, even though the day was rough today as well yesterday I thank you for your guidance through the Holy Spirit, it is not about me it is about being a willing vessel to complete the work you desire from Heaven to be completed. Lord, I forgive the offenses…… Continue reading Father God Thank You…

Morning Prayer For 10/1/2020

Prayer For This Morning Abba (Father) I (Insert Your Name) come to you today humbled thank you for this day Lord, please protect me today as I go about completing today’s task… Lord, help me to find opportunities today to share your Son Jesus Christ’s love towards others, in your mighty name Jesus, Amen!

Morning Prayer For 9/29/2020,

R3ign, Praying! Father (Abba) thank you for another day… Recently Lord, I felt alone but knew deep down that you had not forsaken but instead I got caught up with life, in my own mind but yet, your loving presence never left… Lord, thank you for always being there even when I thought and felt…… Continue reading Morning Prayer For 9/29/2020,

Ignite The World With Love

Wutz Up Soulja_Squad, as many of you have noticed like me the world is on the fritz with hatred beyond what is normally seen… In my mind there is no doubt it is demon influenced. Ephesians 6:1212 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the…… Continue reading Ignite The World With Love