Hello fellow #hopesquad community. I just wanted to give everyone a quick update and give praise to Jesus Christ. I’m not fully walking yet. I have been able to walk while placing my toes on the floor without applying much pressure but about 10:00pm 1/15/2021 I heard the Holy Spirit say the following to me. […]

Hello fellow #hopesquad in a recent post I mentioned I was considering shutting down S.o.H on my other blog Mikel’s Journal here is that post link ⧉ I have been considering this for 6 months now and I do believe God is telling me after much consideration and prayer as well weighing the word of […]

Praise You Jesus! The doctor asked me to become more mobile and only place slight pressure on my injured leg… I just stood at the sink and did a small amount of dishes for almost 5 mins. Oh, the power in the name of Jesus I am recovering faster than normal the doctor said at […]

Greetings everyone and Merry Christmas from I & Ana, Prayer is powerful and Jesus healing powers were seen at the visit the x-ray showed so! Well, I cannot walk yet and that is because the bone is still too soft around the screws in my leg. I am close to walking though the doctor was […]