Prayer For: God’s Love And Mercy To Be Evident

Some of the S.o.H community may be missing the prayer posts, If you are here you go! ☺It is my pleasure to pray before God and the S.o.H community. Morning Prayer For 10/25/2020 Father God it is evident that the world is more cold (evil) by the day and this element is making it harder…… Continue reading Prayer For: God’s Love And Mercy To Be Evident

A look Behind The Scenes: The Beginning of; Soulja of Hope,

Greetings! Today’s post is about looking back at the last 10 months since S.o.H started which was January 7th 2020 I will be speaking from the behind the scenes aspect… This may turn into a series of posts that I post once a week because 10 months is a lot to talk about because so…… Continue reading A look Behind The Scenes: The Beginning of; Soulja of Hope,

Challenge Accepted!!!

Throw me into a pack of wolves and I will return leading them! I’m Fearless and Bold Because of YHWH -Mikel, Prayer: My Lord, it is you alone that has established the S.o.H movement! and I will not back down unless the Holy Spirit directed such… My Lord, my fearless and boldness comes from…… Continue reading Challenge Accepted!!!

Website Update: New Tagline

Greetings! As I’ve said since January 2020 this platform is Holy Spirit directed and the Holy Spirit directed me to change the Tagline from (old) “Becoming Fearless & Bolder 4 YHWH” To (New) “A Journey To Reach Nations” for this new tagline fits the movement mission the Holy Spirit is whom I give credit to…… Continue reading Website Update: New Tagline

Community Spot Light: Renard’s World

Renard’s World is a priceless website on the internet that is geared towards showcasing tips for a better blogging experience. Greetings! I’ve been blogging for almost 11 yrs now and it wasn’t until recently I decided to take blogging serious… In the last 10 yrs I have come across many blogging tip blogs here on…… Continue reading Community Spot Light: Renard’s World

Soulja You Got This!

Soulja you, got this! because you are unstoppable through Jesus Christ! -R3ign, (Inspired from Luke 1:37 ESV) 37 For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37Bible ESV Version Lets Pray Together Abba, (Father) Thank you for your power and authority in my life for with you in my corner there is nothing that…… Continue reading Soulja You Got This!

Morning Prayer 10/4/2020

Life will bring forth its challenges but with Jesus Christ, you can endure the hardship. -R3ign, Join Me In Prayer! Father God, I (Insert Your Name) Thank you for this day you have given me, Father God, please help me to live a more intentional life for you, help me bring every though, action,…… Continue reading Morning Prayer 10/4/2020