I just Received A Message From God!

My hopes are you find this message from God (YHWH) encouraging and enriching to your soul.-R3ign God: Son,(R3ign) First off thank you for not giving up or giving in. I am proud of you! Son, these last 10 months have been hard for you and I, as your Holy Father (Abba) have watched you go…… Continue reading I just Received A Message From God!

Nightly Prayer For 9/28/2020

R3ign, Praying Hello everyone! here is my prayer for September 28 2020 Abba, (Father) Thank you for another day, Lord, today I gave a business card to a man I see on the bus a lot and that business card allowed me the opportunity to speak with him online tonight and become friends as well!…… Continue reading Nightly Prayer For 9/28/2020

Website Update: Pen Name Change

Hey Guys! Just a quick update after praying about this and the Holy Spirit giving the green light I am switching out the pen name from Pyrx, (Related Post) back to the previous name R.3.I.G.N. (pronounced (Rain) I had when this website was called Soulja 4 Christ, What does the Acronym mean? Reaching 3veryone In…… Continue reading Website Update: Pen Name Change

Ignite The World With Love

Wutz Up Soulja_Squad, as many of you have noticed like me the world is on the fritz with hatred beyond what is normally seen… In my mind there is no doubt it is demon influenced. Ephesians 6:1212 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the…… Continue reading Ignite The World With Love

Praise You Jesus I’m Amazed Of Your Wonders

This is a testimony how even God becomes praised in bad situations. Wutz Up! Soulja_Squad, Today I was out with my lady Ana, and while travailing via public transit (bus) I and Ana, was sitting at the front of the bus Ana, is only 5’0″ so when she sits her feet don’t touch the floor.…… Continue reading Praise You Jesus I’m Amazed Of Your Wonders

Quick Website Update: I changed The S.o.H Platform Tagline

Wutz Up! Soulja_Squad, I’m jumping on here real quick before I start knocking out tasks on my to do list today to let everyone, know I changed the S.o.H platform tagline to “BECOMING FEARLESS & BOLDER 4 YHWH” I changed to this tagline because it gives a more precise message what this platform is about.…… Continue reading Quick Website Update: I changed The S.o.H Platform Tagline